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STEP ONE: Photo Upload or Set Appointment

For VIRTUAL CONSULT: You will receive an email with a link to upload photos and info on photographs that I need of your home, as well as basic instructions for how to take them.

For IN-PERSON CONSULT: No photos are needed. We will set a consult appointment where I will bring extra large hand-painted boards or large color swatches for reviewing color options in person. 

STEP THREE: Optional Call

If you prefer to do an in-person discovery call instead of filling out an online questionnaire, you can schedule a call here.
You can also set up a free discovery call if you would like to learn more about me before you hire me.

STEP TWO: Questionnaire

I will email an online discovery questionnaire so I can learn more about about the look and feel you want to achieve for your home.

STEP FOUR: Correspondence

We will communicate via my private design portal, email, text, or phone call, as needed, until we've reached a design scheme you're excited about.

What's Included?

Included Materials Diagram_temp_web.jpg

$149 fee for Exterior Digital Color Rendering (Interior rendering not available)
Digital Renderings are available upon request, but are not included with my services by default. They are an extra fee. 

The custom color consult includes help with selecting paint & stain colors for the paintable features on your home. You will receive TWO color palette options to choose from.

Paintable features include:

- Body
- Trim
- Fascia
- Soffits
- Gutters & Downspouts
- Balusters and Railings

- Trusses
- Garage Doors
- Shutters
- Doors
- Wood Stain
- Other Accents

We also select colors for new roofs, siding, gutters & downspouts and this is included in my flat fee cost if I am able to acquire manufacturer color samples.

Note: I keep color samples of many major manufacturers. I never choose colors from a website or a printed brochure. Please allow for extra time if I need to order new samples.

What you will receive:


- A link to digital color maps outlining your brand-specific colors and where to place them

- Our painting tips & info sheet (downloadable immediately upon purchase)


- Large color swatches of brand-specific recommended colors

Ready for your consultation?

Recommendation by Color Buzz Design are suggestions only and do not imply satisfaction or warranty of finished work. The color specialist is not liable for the quality of workmanship or selection of colors where painting is completed by the customer or an independent contractor. Color matching can provide undesired results, Color Buzz Design is not liable for such results. We are not architects, and therefore cannot make adjustments to architectural drawings or provide any recommendations for structure details.

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